Premium, Individualized SAT Coaching


 ✓ Learn proprietary and effective methods for increasing your score on the ACT


✓ Increase your reading/writing score by at least 100 points-- GUARANTEED. 


 ✓  Write an impression-lasting SAT essay


 ✓  Get accepted into a college of choice 


Effective, Straightforward Test Prep

We focus on RESULTS and guarantee that we will offer the most effective techniques, strategies, and skills for standardized test prep compared to any other tutoring service you have used. Our lessons are of value as information discussed is efficient and to the point, compared to other tutoring services which tend to stretch information out among a number of unnecessary lessons. 


A majority of our students have reported major improvement in their abilities to complete the reading & writing portions on the SAT in as little as 1.5 weeks. In the average timespan of 2-3 weeks* working with iOpen, most students rate their comfortability of taking the SAT reading portion as "very high." 


*One week accounts for an average of 2 hours of lessons & practice tests for homework. 

A Convenient, Modern Method Available

Our most popular and specialized method of meeting is online through voice conferencing programs.

Here's what our families say about Skype tutoring:
  1. Easy and convenient for students and families by connecting with a click of a button.  
  2. Holds students' interest with the technological aspect of lessons.  
  3. More productive than in-person lessons, as it eliminates the classic setup of the tutor looking over the student's shoulder and pointing to errors on the computer screen. Skype English lessons involve collaborative essay writing and editing via Google Docs, a program in which both student and tutor can access and edit the document at the same time. (We have a 95% retention rate for Skype lessons.) 
  4. Lessons can be taken any time and anywhere.  
  5. No need to clean up the house! No one will be entering. 

Proven Student Results

Over the past 4 years, Jacleen of iOpen Tutoring has helped hundreds of students strengthen their English skills. 

Here are some of their results:


 ✓ A homeschooled student who was struggling in English passed his high school proficiency test and entered college at age 16.


 ✓A high-school student who was struggling in English boosted her English grades and was accepted into Honors English, maintaining an “A average” for the following three years. She now tutors English at Kaplan.


 ✓ In a single lesson, the confidence of a student with minimal knowledge of the English language jumped from 0% to 60% for the reading section of the ACT, despite his vocabulary limitations. When it was time to take the ACT, he passed and was accepted into his college of choice


 ✓Most students working with iOpen Tutoring for SAT preparation completes 85% of SAT reading questions correctly after 2-3 weeks of lessons. 


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Lessons by Experts in the Field

Founded by Jacleen C. 


Hi, I'm Jacleen. I’ve been working as a tutor & academic coach for over four years, providing 5,000+ hours of tutoring with highly reputable industry names like Education, Inc.


I have an extensive history working with students of all backgrounds, including those with mild to severe physical and mental disabilities and illnesses.


I have a B.A. in English Literature from Assumption College in Worcester & receive my M.A. in counseling psychology from Assumption College this year.


I’m also a published writer with nearly 100 in-print magazine articles; a blog writer for CollegeXpress, a leading name in college education; and a lifetime member of two academic international honors societies for English and psychology (Sigma Tau Delta and Psi Chi). 

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