College Prep Services

Lighten the burden of the college application process by working with Jacleen, an English and college expert, throughout the college application process. Jacleen specializes in the followingcollege-related areas:

  • College Entrance Essays
  • Standardized Test Prep (SAT & ACT) 
  • Common Application Assistance
  • Scholarship Search & Essays
  • Consultation and questions about choice of colleges

Jacleen has worked with countless students in multiple areas related to the college process, including students who had low grade averages or are unable to speak English at a fluent level. Despite these barriers, all of Jacleen's students have been accepted into at least one college of choice. 

All of Jacleen's lessons take place via Skype or FaceTime, but they don't end there. Jacleen is happy to provide all students and parents with her cell phone number and personal email address for ongoing communication throughout the process. Jacleen is available for complementary essay critiques, editing, and feedback on a regular basis while students are enrolled in weekly meetings with Jacleen. 

Students who have worked with Jacleen: 
  • Have all been accepted into at least one college of choice 
  • Have been accepted into a college of choice, despite very low grade point averages, simply by crafting a compelling essay to help override these grades. 
  • Have been accepted into multiple colleges of choice despite major language barriers & low initial scores on the TOEFL English proficiency test, a test required for the college application process for English Second Language students.