D i r e c t   C o m p l i m e n t s

  • "Jacleen was our son Denis's teacher for 3 years now. Being bilingual, Denis has some challenges in [the] English subject, and Jacleen found an individual approach [on] how to teach him. Denis was not just able to finish school 2 years early, but to start college. And as matter of fact, Denis still wants to have lessons with Jacleen. I believe it has a lot to do with her great personality and high professionalism... We really appreciate her hard work and everything she is doing for our son."- SHARON, MA HOMESCHOOL PARENT     
  • "Jacleen is one of the best and most professional tutors who taught our son and daughter over the last three years. She is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Kids' improvement in academic performance is significant."- SHARON HIGH SCHOOL PARENT
  • "I highly recommend Jacleen to any student's tutoring needs. Jacleen is a reliable tutor. She taught my student ACT. My student greatly improved his score after taking lessons from her." ASHLAND, MA PARENT  
  • "[My daughter] realized, after meeting with you, that there are ways in which she can increase her efficiency. This has definitely been an eye-opener for her. I'm so glad she finally connected with you!" MEDFIELD HIGH SCHOOL PARENT
  • "I'm your greatest fan! If it would not be for you, my kids would not be where they are with English!... I had a meeting with [my son's] teacher today, and finally for the first time in all his school years, he is at his grade level in English and not below. They finally acknowledged his improvement. None of it would happen without your input and great work with him." - SHARON MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENT     
  • "I did extremely well. I got my first 100 of the semester! All semester long I have been getting seventy-fives, and I was really excited that I got a 100. Thanks. [Your] tips sure did help me more than you know." - NORTHBRIDGE STUDENT
  •  "... Not only has she brought up our daughter's grade, her self esteem as well. We could not be more thankful for Jacleen."- NORTHBRIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENT



N o t e w o r t h y   s t u d e n t  a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s : 


  •  A student with English as his second language noted that, after a 90 minute lesson, his confidence in taking the reading  portion of the ACT increased from 0% to 60% by the end of the lesson, despite his vocabulary limitations. 
  • A student with low grade averages, after getting help on his college entrance essay, got accepted into his college program of choice at Curry College. 
  •  A student struggling in English, with the help of iOpen, received the grades to become enrolled in Honors English, maintaining an A average in the class. She now tutors English at a highly reputable tutoring company as she works toward studying for her ACTs. 
  • A home-schooled student that worked with iOpen's founder Jacleen passed his high school proficiency test, and is now enrolled in college classes at age 16. 
  • Two of Jacleen's students won first place in a well-known, annual writing competition based in Worcester.
  • All of Jacleen's students who were at risk for summer school were spared summer school requirements after taking lessons with Jacleen .


S u r v e y  R e s u l t s

Based on an anonymous survey conducted in 2016, which involved all of Jacleen of iOpen's current clients, those who participated reported: 

  • 100% considered Jacleen's services "high quality" or "very high quality."
  • 100%  noted that Jacleen met their needs "very well" or "extremely well."
  • 100% would recommend Jacleen of iOpen Tutoring to a friend or colleague.